A Little Bit About Me

*waves hello*

Hmmm...what can I tell you about me? If you already follow me on Twitter @Jen_Illustrates, then hello & thanks for popping by! For those who don't follow me, read on and I'll try not to waffle... 

The person behind Dragonfairy Design is me, Jenny Brown, born & bred on the Dorset coast. I returned to drawing just over nine years ago, having not picked up a pencil since I left school. As a young child I could always be found either drawing horses, reading or playing with my ever expanding collection of My Little Pony. In my teens I progressed to drawing portraits and other animals, though horses remained a firm favourite. After sixth form, I didn't know what I wanted to do & as life has a habit of pulling you in different directions, so my time spent drawing was replaced by work & family. Although I do think that I've just about managed to balance them all now, at some point in the future, I would like drawing to become more of a full-time job.

I will always prefer to work with graphite pencils on my two favourite papers, Bristol Board & Strathmore toned paper but I do love using Polychromos & watercolours alongside the graphite. I also love trying out new mediums to work with, such as ink & lino printing, seeing how I can use them & incorporate them into what I do already. 

I'm available for limited commission work, so please feel free to contact me via my contact page or Twitter, as I'd love to hear from you. Examples of my work can be seen in the gallery section. I do try to keep it updated. 

Some of my non-commissioned drawings are available via my Big Cartel store - jenbrown.bigcartel.com These are usually offered at a discounted rate.

You might notice that occasionally some images I upload aren't scanned - I'm not quite on speaking terms with my scanner (it's a mutual dislike), so some of the images I post on here will have been taken by my camera or phone because I can't get my scanner to work. If you hear of a tech-fairy in need of a job, I can pay in tea & biscuits ;)

I post my 'work in progress' pics on my Twitter, so if you like to see how things come together, those are the places to look for the all the extras.

Oh and if you're wondering why the name of Dragonfairy Design, it's because I am extremely fond of dragons & fairies :)